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L'Authentique - Restaurant & Pizzeria
Your new gourmet adress @ Le Faou
In an old wooden house dating from the 16th century, we invite you to taste a cuisine opened to the world, respectful of the product and the terroir: come and enjoy with truly homemade dishes, from the entrance to the dessert! At the Authentique, we are committed to working with local and seasonal products, both in our dishes and in our pizzas. The flour with which we make, by hand, our pizzas comes from organic farming and is produced in Finistère. The buffalo meat we propose you comes from "Bufala Breizh" farm in Concarneau, where buffaloes are grown outside and without antibiotics. Our tomato sauce is prepared with care by the chef from real tomatoes. The spices that we use to decorate our dishes are produced in "organic" and fair way in Madagascar, then directly imported to Douarnenez where they are conditioned... You will understand, our approach is eco-responsible while satisfying your taste buds!

Discover here our local suppliers.

A few words about the building: The Faou is home to the largest concentration of wood house in all of Finistère. They date mostly from the late 16th and early 17th century, despite the prohibition to build this type of wooden house after 1561 because of fires. The slate came to cover the facades after the French Revolution. It is also during this period that the building where you can eat served as a prison ... Yes! But eat at home will not be the prison on the contrary ...
The chef
Of Central African origin, Prince-Cherubin likes to mix the flavors. This is how he is inspired by traditional dishes such as Sunday chicken, to make it tasty with a marinade of which he has the secret ... Bred to the exercise of traditional restoration and strong of his experience of pizzaiolo, he wishes today to share his own kitchen by welcoming you in his establishment!
The cooker
With his training baker-pizzaiolo, Khaled is an expert in dough, especially pizza dough ... But this is not the only string to his bow! What is certain is that with its cuisine, you will enjoy.
The waitress
Adeline is the feminine touch of the team. With her contagious smile and her energy, you can be sure of have a good time and being served rapidly. 
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Summer hours are on !
We are now opened from Tuesday to Sunday, every midday and evening !
Local products
We work with producers and mostly local suppliers for more quality, and a limited ecological impact. Discover them here.
Hours out of season  : 
Monday & Tuesday : lunch only
Wednesday : closed
from Thursday to Sunday : lunch & dinner

hours from the 5th of July to the 30th of August :
From Tuesday to Sunday: Lunch & Dinner



Tél : + 33 (0)2 98 81 18 35

Restaurant - Pizzeria
5 place des fusillés et résistants
29 590 LE FAOU

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